Who are we

Ameretat Pump Asia Pumps International is a Iranian pump manufacturing company that is technology driven and market-oriented. We offer products for oil & gas, mining, flood control, irrigation, drinking water, waste water, pulp & paper, power, chemical, oil & gas and general industries.

What can you expect from us 

At Ameretat Pump Asia we always think of benefit to the customer, in terms of how we differentiate ourselves in the market (distinctive vision). That means we dare to compare ourselves with the best in class. Our target is to relieve customers from engineering problems and offer total system solutions.

We believe that our responsibility begins with advising the right pump based on system criteria as the pump is the heart of the system. Part of providing solutions is continuous support after supply of the equipment. Ameretat Pump Asia Pumps International not only produces, it also provides service like maintenance, repairs, upgradation, spare parts and system engineering. Our organization and resources are heavily focused on the care of the complete pump function for our customers. One endeavor is to provide pump systems that operate smoothly, predictably and at lower cost.

The Organization

We have adapted our organization to the market situation. The primary structure is flat and market-oriented which promotes good internal and external communication. Because communication is key within Ameretat Pump Asia, we understand that it is important that our customers get quick and honest answers to their questions, either product or project related. We are 100% customer oriented!
Providing our customers with the best products and services at the highest quality standards in the industry is what we do. Our management system is set up in accordance with ISO9001. An effective way to sustain the continuous improvement of our process and products.