Maintenance, Support & Optimization Services

At Ameretat Pump Asia, we like to think in terms of a system instead of just the pump when selecting the appropriate solution. However, selecting a pump is only a first step. To ensure long pump lifetime, low down time and minimized maintenance and operation costs, it is important that pumps are installed and aligned properly.The team consists of highly skilled service engineers, who have all the required knowledge and experience at hand. Furthermore, they are widely qualified for on-site jobs and API pumps for instance.

In addition, Ameretat Pump Asia can do a wide range of pump service jobs, including aligning and balancing, on-site inspection and preventive and corrective maintenance. Do you have an old pump in your system that you consider replacing for a completely new one? Please contact Ameretat Pump Asia, as they have many possibilities for overhauling old and damaged pumps, instead of replacing them entirely. Parts can be repaired and restored to its original new condition. They can also supply spare parts directly from stock, or reproduce specific parts, even for old discontinued pump types. Ameretat Pump Asia can even perform pump upgrades, if you need increased capacity or efficiency for instance. This can be achieved by replacing parts or by creating a completely new custom hydraulic design. Ameretat Pump Asia gets your old pumps up and running again!